Books and Reports:

  • Britain and Switzerland, 1845-1860, published by Longmans Green Ltd. and Archon, 1966
  • To Leave No Teacher Behind: Building International Competence into the Undergraduate Training of K-12 Teachers, May 2007 [click here]
  • Internationalizing Teacher Education: What Can Be Done?, 2003, available from the author and accessible from this website
  • Federal Funding for International Studies: Does it Help? Does it Matter? (with Barbara B. Burn), published by the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), 1999

Selected Articles:

  • "What Can Be Done to Internationalize Teacher Training?" in International Studies Perspectives, August 2004
  • "Title VI Funding for Undergraduate International Studies Programs: Long-Term Impact on Language Offerings?" in ADFL Bulletin, Fall 2000
  • "Federal Funding for International Studies Programs: Impact?" in International Studies Notes, Fall 1999
  • "International Education and the Undergraduate" in International Studies Notes, Winter 1993
  • "The Discipline of International Studies" (with Llewellyn D. Howell) in International Studies Notes, Fall 1991/Winter 1992
  • "NDEA Centers: How They Use Their Federal Money" in President's Commission on Foreign Language and International Studies: Background Papers and Studies, November 1979

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