Dr. Schneider has consulted for colleges and universities in many states, from Hawaii to Massachusetts.

Among issues addressed are:

  • What are the advantages of offering a major in area or international studies?
  • What incentives might spur faculty (and their departments) to develop courses covering more countries than the U.S.? What factors could strengthen the international dimensions of their disciplines in more courses?
  • What strategies might work in strengthening ties between Arts and Sciences and professional schools?
  • What campus organizations might effectively strengthen international studies?
  • How can a university afford to teach less commonly taught languages whose enrollments are likely to remain small?
  • What are characteristics of successful grant applications?

Some of the (confidential) comments about Ann Schneider's consulting services:

  • "In international education...you are a true national treasure."
  • "Your coming here was a very important asset...well worth the investment."
  • "I am using [your evaluation] to good advantage in constructing our goals."
  • "...your suggestions were particularly helpful in making us focus on key issues."
  • "[Your] message is both clear and correct."